You’ve got stuff. And lots of it.

Draining your energy, wasting your time, and impacting your ability to generate revenue in your business.

Who has time to work with clients when they’re constantly searching through piles on their desk?

No one.

Which means you don’t get to do what you actually want to be doing and your clients don’t get the help they need. No one wins.

And with all of that chaos and clutter you can forget:

  • being able to set up clear systems to automate your business
  • hiring help to do the tasks you least like doing
  • enjoying the freedom of being mobile in your business
  • thriving in the work you love to do

Entrepreneurship comes with it’s share of headaches and if you don’t learn to create structures in your business you’ll continue to spin your wheels.

Organizing those piles isn’t about simply cleaning your desk. It’s about clearing out the old, releasing the clutter that’s taking up valuable space in your mind, and creating an environment you LOVE to work in.

You need an inspired environment.

One that supports your best work. One that creates easy structures that allow you to do what you love. One that you can’t wait to step into daily.

I’ll show you how to create your inspired environment in just 3 weeks.

You will leave our time together with:

  • a clean desk, free of the clutter once and for all
  • priorities that are aligned for you and your vision of your business
  • an action list of items to delegate or let go
  • a clear understanding of the system and structure that works for you, which you can continue to use in every area of your life

Unlock the secret to what truly works for you and create systems for your business, space for creativity, and become the entrepreneur who easily completes any project that comes your way.

The Inspired Environment Intensive includes:

  • 3 sessions of 3 hours of one-on-one help over Skype
  • a straight-forward guide to prepare you for your intensive
  • a 45 minute followup session to ensure the system is working for you

Underneath all of that clutter is the business you desire.

Create the environment that bests supports you and your business.

Contact me for details!


Organizing VIP Day

Personal help to create your sanctuary, find more space, and handle those items you’ve been avoiding.

Your home should be the place you most love to be.

But when everywhere you look you see items that don’t make you feel at ease, your home becomes a source of stress. An overwhelming accumulation of things that drain your energy and zap your feeling of peace.

You know in order to truly have your sanctuary, you have to organize, clean out, and clear up.

But so far, your version of doing that is seeing how much you can stuff into your closets. Or moving the stacks of papers into a new filing cabinet you bought just for that purpose. Or perhaps even thought of tackling the mess is too overwhelming, so you continue to avoid it, as the piles continue to multiply.

The problem with each of these is that you’re never truly clearing out and creating space in your home.

You never reach that sense of peace. You never feel like your home is a true reflection of who you are and how you most want to feel. You can’t move on to a new home or feel good about life transitions because you are buried beneath the clutter.

Your home has become the source of a never ending to do list.

It’s time to throw the list out.

VIP Days are perfect for:

  • preparing your house to look it’s best when put on the market
  • clearing out and reducing personal items before a move
  • families who are short on space but tall on stuff (perhaps with a new addition to the family on the way)
  • handling the belongings of a deceased loved one in a compassionate manner
  • elderly who want to reduce the clutter from years of living in the same house and reduce the burden on their children

With a focus on the process of truly clearing out, VIP days are about going past the surface and into deeper work to ensure your home stays exactly the way you want it.

VIP Days include:

  • 6 hours of one-on-one organizing expertise
  • compassionate guidance and a process to determine what to keep and what to let go
  • help keeping items organized as they are packed up to leave the house
  • resources and necessary information to ensure those boxes get out of the garage once and for all

Contact me to schedule a consultation!